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Introducing Sandy Lane Yacht Club, Canouan Island

Updated: Apr 11

A villa suite at Sandy Lane Yacht Club, Canouan Island

Located on the picturesque Canouan Island within the Grenadines, Sandy Lane Yacht Club serves as a premier destination for luxury yachting and exclusive vacation experiences. This facility combines modern marina amenities with unparalleled hospitality, set against the backdrop of one of the Caribbean's most stunning landscapes. This guide offers a factual overview of what visitors can expect, including travel logistics, marina specifications, accommodation details, dining options, and available activities.

Arrival: Accessing Canouan Island

Canouan Island is accessible via its own airport (CIW), which accommodates both commercial and private aircraft. Flights typically connect through Barbados (BGI), providing a straightforward route to the island. The yacht club is conveniently located a short drive from the airport, offering easy access for arriving guests.

Sandy Lane Yacht Club Canouan Marina

Marina Specifications

The Sandy Lane Yacht Club marina is equipped to host a variety of vessels, including superyachts up to 100 meters in length. With 120 berths available, the marina offers comprehensive services such as utilities, security, and access to the club’s facilities. Berthing fees vary based on the yacht's size and the season, with specific packages available to cater to diverse needs.

Accommodations and Costs

The yacht club provides several accommodation options, including luxury villas for rent. These villas feature amenities such as private pools, modern kitchens, and access to the island's exclusive golf course. Rates and availability for both berthing and accommodations can be obtained by contacting the yacht club directly.

Shenanigans Canouan Island

Dining Experiences

Sandy Lane Yacht Club hosts a variety of dining venues, offering a mix of local and international cuisine. Options range from beachfront eateries like Shenanigans on Canouan Island a vibrant dining spot known for its laid-back atmosphere and diverse menu that features both local Caribbean flavors and international cuisine. This restaurant is a favorite among both locals and visitors, offering a welcoming space to enjoy live music, stunning island views, and delicious meals crafted from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Other island spots are L’Ance Guyac Beach Club, known for its seafood and cocktails, to upscale dining at The Canouan Estate, where guests can enjoy gourmet dishes in a refined setting.

Activities and Tours

The club organizes guided tours and activities for guests wishing to explore Canouan Island’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. These include snorkeling in pristine waters, hiking to panoramic viewpoints, and other curated experiences designed to showcase the best of the island.

Shenanigans Canouan Island pool

Information for Travelers

Recognized by both travel and yachting publications for its exceptional services and commitment to luxury, Sandy Lane Yacht Club is a sought-after destination for discerning travelers. Detailed information on services, press releases, and booking inquiries can be found on the club’s official website.

Sandy Lane Yacht Club on Canouan Island is a top-tier destination for those looking to experience the height of Caribbean luxury, whether through yachting, wellness retreating, fine dining, golfing, or engaging in exclusive island activities. With its state-of-the-art marina and exquisite accommodation options, the club promises a memorable stay for all its guests.

Photos courtesy of: Sandy Land Yacht Club and Residences Facebook and website pages.


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